Night mode ” Dark Mode ” is now available for all users


Earlier this month, explained the US company Microsoft that the night mode ” Dark Mode ” will be released to the The good news is that if you require too much to get this feature, it seems it is available now, at least according to what was published by Microsoft on the official blog on the internet.

Night mode ” Dark Mode ” is not a completely new feature, but a feature we have begun to see increasingly in applications and websites in recent years. In case you haven’t heard about this feature before, it basically converts the interface of the application or website to black color bleak, you’ll be more convenient to operate when using devices in dark environments.

Since there is no interface white in a dark room can be glaring to some extent, the night mode is designed to face it. He explained that Microsoft also that this new situation is not theta, but the preparation can be applied in the future on other themes. But at the moment, it won’t work to put ” Dark Mode ” only with the default skin blue.

Also note that this applies to users not the Outlook application. According to the company bring the basis of Microsoft, if you don’t succeed in access mode Dark Mode new, you may want to use the leaderboard Microsoft Edge.



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