Night mode ” Dark Mode ” up to now to develop the YouTube on the Android platform,


Confirmed YouTube in March of this year they will release a night mode ” Dark Mode ” to develop its official platform operating portable. Was released this situation to develop YouTube on iOS platform a while ago despite the fact that many of the people they stopped arriving to apply the YouTube for Android first. A few months after the appearance of this mode on the YouTube app for iOS, this situation has become available right now for users of the YouTube app on the Android platform.

Added night mode ” Dark Mode ” the first web version of YouTube late last year, and it turns out then that this situation will work its way further development of the YouTube platform portable operating beginning with the iOS of Apple Inc.

Was version night mode ” Dark Mode ” to apply the YouTube on the Android platform, quietly. Although there is no formal announcement, users of Android now find this situation automatically through a popup window in the bottom of the screen indicates that this feature is not available right now. Users will get the option to run this mode and the option to skip the pop-up window.


You can also activate and deactivate the option of Night mode ” Dark Mode ” in the Settings menu where it is inserted in the general list down the feature of ” remind me to take a break “. Although the situation loads the majority of the app interface to the Color Black, you will retain the channel strips colorful app even if the video player black before the video is fully loaded.



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