Night mode for Chrome on Android will also work with web pages

We learned recently that Google is working to bring Night Mode to the Chrome browser for Android, however, indicate some developments that were monitored across the site 9to5Google that the night mode will also work with web pages.

She noted one of the signs of new Chrome; enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode#, it’s when you activate the night mode on the Chrome, it would also say change the color of some of the web pages from white to a dark color, just like we saw with the FireFox for Android browser Samsung Internet Browser.

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It seems that Google continue to focus strongly with the function of night mode, as it brought him already to a large range of applications in recent times.

It is assumed that the up the night mode to the demo version of the Chrome Canary over the next few days, while it may take a longer time to reach the demo version of WebView.


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