Night mode up to apply YouTube on the platform Android and iOS

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Got the web version of YouTube on the night mode in the last year, which gave users the apps YouTube on mobile devices in hopes of getting this feature is also on their applications. Indeed, this is what happens now. We have confirmed youtube today that it has launched night mode to develop its official platform for Android and iOS. Will not activate night mode by default, so users should head to Settings and activate this mode manually.

Preferably users in a special night mode that’s as easy to use the app in dark environments and at night. It has been rumored two months ago that the night mode will be released soon to the apps YouTube on mobile devices not made its way to the web version last year, this is already achieved now.


The company Google that the night mode has become one of the heavily requested features by users of the apps youtube, after I got to the web version in the year 2017. Will The Night mode to change some of the colors on the user interface which makes the entire app comfortable to work. It should be noted that the version night mode day cleanse YouTube on the iOS platform, and Google that this feature will be released soon for Android users also. Can activate the night mode of the new by going to the settings and select the appropriate option.


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