Nike has taught iPhone to determine your foot size using the ARKit

Prospects of augmented reality, in spite of the admiration Apple of this technology is quite vague. Still not very clear where and how it can be used, and single findings of independent developers, who, as a rule, do not “shoot” seems to only reinforce the skepticism of users. But Nike decided to change our idea of augmented reality and taught her how to determine the size of the foot to make the Shoe shopping online is not an example simpler than before.

Developers Nike introduced the Nike Fit function, which uses the main camera of the iPhone and determine your foot size. All measurements will be made in a matter of seconds, and their accuracy will meet augmented reality.

The most useful application of ARKit

Apparently, for the measurement do not need to lift my leg as high as possible. It will be enough to stand up on a flat surface and point the camera of the smartphone perpendicular to the floor. If everything is just so Nike can only praise, because the implementation of the application “Chatroulette” is, frankly, leaves much to be desired and does not allow accurate measurement. But in the case of Nike Fit, according to the developers, the measurement will be made with millimeter precision.

The data measurements obtained Nike Fit, will be stored in the app for future purchases. In addition, the memory can store more than one couple, thus facilitating online shopping for all family members.

The assurances, Nike Fit intended to be used not only as a home tool to Refine the size of the foot, but also commercial. This feature will appear in smartphones for all employees that will in a matter of seconds to learn the parameters of the visitor, instead of to spend for a fitting precious time. In addition, so parents will be able to buy shoes for their children, not dragging them along, and simply passing the application data to the seller.

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