“Nike” reveals about boots intelligent – profit and works via Bluetooth.. what the price of his materials and put up for sale

Glimpses of the future made by the US movie series “back to the future” Back to the Future shoes same profit, but the company “Nike” Nike, famous in the field of manufacturing shoes and sports clothing, revealed recently about boots intelligent – profit works via Bluetooth.

And launched the “Nike” on her shoes. name “at BBC” Adapt BB, and differs from the previous generation similar of boots that can be controlled by the application is downloaded on smart phones, depends on the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone with a shoe, instead of buttons to control the level of tightening the shoe on the foot, in the shoes of the former self-profit.

Identified Nike on February 17, the next date to ask her shoe smart “Nike at BP” Nike Adapt BB in the markets, and not the price of 350 $ (6,300 EGP), which is so cheaper by about half than previous versions for this kind of shoes.

It features a shoe “at BP,” intelligent adaptation with the feet of its owner at a touch of a button, the application allows you to change the color of the points expected the shoes to 14 different colors.

And when you say “Nike” to her new shoes aimed at basketball players in the foundation, they think of his beginning to of shoes the regular shoes, smart, self-profit most developed.

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