Nikola Motors will compete with Tesla in the market of tractors in Europe

Nikola Tre

While Tesla promotes its electric cars and truck, the company Nikola Motors is trying to conquer the market with its electro-hydrogen analogues. In 2016, she presented trucks Nikola Nikola One and Two, able to pull trailers with heavy loads over long distances. They are intended for the U.S. market, but the company also intends to assert itself in Europe. Especially for this, she presented a third tractor — Nikola Tre.

Unlike the American versions, the European tractor has a flat nose. There are two drive configurations: 6×4 and 6×2. Other features are the same as the models Nikola One and Two. So, the engine power ranges from 500 to 1000 HP, and force the torque up to 2000 pounds. One fuel truck can drive from 500 to 1200 km, at the gas station takes about 20 minutes.

Nikola Tre

According to the head of Nikola Motors Trevor Milton, the truck will surprise people excellent brakes and easy handling. It will be equipped with a battery of 800 volts DC and the hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of 120 kW. Also stated the autonomy of the fifth level, that is, the truck can move, even without the help of the driver, by means of the autopilot. To do this, it will be set to determine the best routes, and in the cockpit will be touch screen.

This truck is really lovely and much anticipated in the European market. It will be the first European truck with zero emissions.

At the moment the company is looking for a company that will manufacture Nikola Tre in Europe. It also cooperates with the company Nel Hydrogen, which by 2022 promises to install hydrogen filling stations. In the U.S. the first of such stations due to open in 2019.

Nikola Tre

A prototype of Nikola Tre will be shown in April 2019, in the event Nikola World. Testing of tractors will start in 2020 on the roads of Norway. Based on the number of pre-orders, the company has already scored 11 billion. However, when you consider that it is not required to make a Deposit, the actual amount could be much lower.

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