Nikon camera Z7 the gold price by 7 million !

Is House of Louis Vuitton the French fashion, one of the most prestigious design firms in the world, it seems that it has recently partnered with the Nikon Corporation of Japan to produce exclusive highly of Nikon camera Z7 bear the name of the famous fashion house.

The camera comes with a structure made of pure gold carat is 24, to is surrounded by a thin cap of deer leather and the logo of LV your famous fashion house.

Company does not intend to only making 7 copies only of the camera luxury, where you will come each one with a lens f/4S 24-70 mm, and a belt suspended Deluxe priced at 7 million, equivalent to 26.25 million riyals.

This has been Nikon’s previously issued 2,000 copies of the Golden Camera FA 1948, likely to get Camera Award luxury.

In 2014 also launched a Nikon version of inlaid gold of the camera, the Df, for 1,600 units at a price of $ 2,700 apiece, equivalent to 10,125 real.

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