Nikon officially announced the digital cameras COOLPIX B600 وA1000

The company announced the Nikon on the latest versions of digital cameras COOLPIX B600 وA1000, where these cameras features support bankers perform the highest efficiency in the export during the war compared to smartphones, it also supports optical zoom.

Nikon coolpix b600

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Offer Nikon digital cameras new COOLPIX B600 وA1000 from the category of point-and-shoot, to support the user in efficiently imaging during development, where you have full control B600 lenses length focal of 24-1440 mm, supports optical zoom up to 60 times, for the user with the highest coverage in the export.

Also make the camera zoom up to 120 times with the zoom Dynamic Fine, along with the style of photography Macro in camera to photograph very close up to 0.4, as it comes complete control B600 CMOS sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera, coupled with image processor EXPEED supports the constancy of the highest in the photography and video recording.

Featuring a cable control with reduced vibrations in the picture, come to the B4-axis in the Hybrid VR to reduce confusion and the fog in the video recording, it also comes technique ISO by sensitivity up to 6400 to support the user to change the lighting short-term.

Also supports camera video recording accurately 1080i60, 1080 pixel at 30 frame per second Full HD, it also comes complete control B600, right-click the custom zoom fast, and the camera 19 style in photography, with a range of effects on innovative up to 36, along with the pattern perception level.

Camera B600 include Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth built-in camera, to support Quick Share files with smart phones through the application of SnapBridge.

Camera A1000 is also a new version of the digital cameras of the class towards the voice, come to design smaller and also supports zoom also, with the focal length for the 24-840 mm, support optical zoom 35 times, it also comes بعدساتviewfinder electronic, screen size 3 inch with multi-touch and support the bend.

The user can double technique zoom to 70 again with the zoom Dynamic Fine in the camera A1000, also features camera CMOS sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera, with the sensitivity of the sensor ISO up to 6400 Points, How come the cable car to the number 20 pattern for the fixed.

The camera supports video recording accurately 4K UHD, as the function is Active D-Lighting in camera. to support photography details more accurate, as it comes a property to reduce the vibrations of the electronic support the user in obtaining stable images and smooth.

Camera A1000 comes screen TFT LCD size 3-inch supports tilt up 1036k-dot with Touch support the user in capturing images or previewed, as come camera Bluetooth Wi-Fi built-in, supports photo sharing on the application of SnapBridge.


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