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What is the nature of your sleep? Light? Wake up with ease from the first call? I think that this is a rare thing. Or sleep heavy? And wake you up every morning? That’s a lot. No secret to anyone, I’m of this type. And I tried to cure myself, I couldn’t. And asked for treatment, they told me it must be the intervention of technology to solve this problem, people around them power they do not need this routine too long, I must rely on myself. Used apps alerts and work. This grounds either they stopped me in a stupid way. I feel by inertia more. Or they don’t Sign Me originally.

As for the mechanism of action of these applications with us, many of them are not clever, in the way of waking up, do not rely on the snooze. It turns out that the use of the snooze “Snooze” to get some extra minutes of sleep may cause some health risks to human. There is some damage caused when using the product daily, based on what his Professor, Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist at the center for the Science of sleep, human of the University of California. He explained, “Walker”, pressing the snooze button in your home may be a bad solution regarding the problem of sleep, in addition to its negative impact on the heart and blood vessels within a short period of time.

It can be NAP only useful in reducing deep sleep, or idle physically, but this depends on the strategy the right sleep you have the means dozing useful at certain times must be the configuration of this NAP. Advised to take naps for a few minutes. In this way can be switched from the sleep stage to another until they become in a state of semi-awake, or similar to what is called REM sleep or rapid eye movement. However, if the person in the case of sleep rapid eye movement is actually the use of a nap may make him sleep more and make it worse.

Applications that with us not by the snooze button and will wake you up in a smart way and comfortable sensitive your body. Will you also have statistics on the way you sleep. Gave me a friend, this list of apps would find the Guinea. You can choose the product that suits you.

Don’t NAP after today.

In normal conditions, when the alarm rings and then you stop it immediately you wake up as a responsible person for your interests. Often, you receive a shred snooze and then drift to sleep again. This is not a problem necessarily, until you press the snooze button over and over again even be surprised that the time has come so quickly run. Worse, you could press the button to stop the development, change in deep sleep and you need your job.

Instead of giving you such options easy to any just one click on the button to the product. The following applications force you to overcome the obstacles to the sound of the noise. Once you solve the puzzle, or play a game, or pick up Silva “I don’t know how it will shape you” will be the fog of sleep will resist the charm of your bed is. The app is free but it purchases.

The first product: for photography enthusiasts Alarmy

The idea of this product is fantastic, you can’t silence him so you execute what he asks of you is that you export things, you may recorded by you in advance. Such as the bathroom mirror, bathtub, shower, faucets or pine, the Refrigerator, the trees of the garden, something in the top floor or the bottom, Coffee Machine, surely going to sleep forever. Application by other options of solving a math problem, scanning a barcode, or shake your phone severely even stand the sound of breathing.

You can watch the video

Alarmy – Alarm clock


Delight Room Co., Ltd.
Size136.8 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


The app is also available on Android from this link

The second house: fun selfie Snap Me Up

Share your friends on Instagram a picture of you when you wake up from sleep. This app idea will not be to stop development until you include the camera and pick up yourself a selfie and tell your friends that I awake from sleep. Luckily, the app does not publish the photos immediately so you make the adjustment. The idea also of the application you will prepare yourself to take a picture there must be a Extra suitable to take a good picture once you feel the lights will start to sleep by Evanescence. Apart from this basic function, the app features one of the great, and a notebook to record your dreams.

The app is free and available systems Android only from this link

The second product: Clock games AlarmMon

The idea of the app is to challenge yourself by playing the game. It also contains a number of alarm sounds and backgrounds you can choose what suits your taste.

AlarmMon ( alarm clock )


Malang Studio Co. Ltd,
Size68.5 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


For the Android system from this link

Break the sleep cycle you have

Not going to sleep you have on one frequency, sometimes you can wake up quickly without a problem and sometimes are the minimum and and you are sleeping in a deep slumber. The idea applications the following are the penetrating rhythm of the natural chambers and sleep. It is aimed at a certain stage of sleep. After determining the time of waking up, the app works on the creation of waking up by the time half an hour. Of these applications:

Fourth house: pirate sleep Sleep Cycle

This app is suitable for owners of calm and meditation, creativity, sensitive feelings and sense. You specify the time to wake up, and then put your phone somewhere in the bed preferably connected to a charger. The application through the machine accounts keep track of. during sleep the movement of your TSA you out and download the sleep cycle you have. Then Limited a chance to be in a light sleep and wake you up. Also if you want to take a nap in the day or at a time between the times of work, the app shows you the window limit during their time dozing often be half an hour and then the countdown will start and wake you up. The app contains the sounds of multiple alarm and comfortable on the ear.

For iOS :

Sleep Cycle alarm clock


Northcube AB
Size80.4 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Android this link

Region v : a pirate life Sleep Better

From within the apps that track your sleep cycle, like its predecessor, it must be put on your bed so follow your movements during sleep, and based on that loads the way you sleep. The chance to sleep light and wake you. The app can analyze the way you sleep and evaluated based on the data you enter to by bedroom, where you tell him that you have to perform exercises or ate a meal before bedtime or drink enough and other factors affecting the analysis of sleep, then you press Start and put your phone in a safe place on your bed.

Sleep Better – Sleep Tracker


Size76.0 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Android this link

Previous product: each of the take enough sleep Good Morning Alarm Clock

The application Alarm Clock-Good morning from the applications that care about his sleeping habits, helps you app to relax and sleep by the quiet sounds help to it, and you wake up quietly by monitoring sleep cycles, As stated above. The app helps you to modify the behavior of the operations bedroom, submit tips through the notifications. If you want statistics about your sleep, place your phone near you, otherwise, place it on any table next to you. Application it other feature which tell you the weather conditions for your area.

App in Android only from this link

Previous product: for lovers of design, Wake Alarm Clock

Maybe many sounds and its way of waking up don’t you sing us about the basic function of the home, everyone is skeptical of these people. But what attracts our attention in addition to the function of waking up is the design. This is what is intended assignee of this application. To adjust the rotation drag on the circle in the application interface. The alarm Sound is not annoying, it interferes in the sound from low to high during the wake-up alarm. You can choose between noisy or quiet. Only you can choose between the heart of the phone or shake or drag.

The app is available for iOS devices only

Wake Alarm Clock


Jaded Labs Inc
Size89.7 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Apps in Android only

Yeah, maybe piss you off the title, but Android includes some of the possible applications that works as an alarm which is not present in iOS for some reason or another among these applications:

The second house: the owners of heavy sleep Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

If you are already suffering from heavy sleep and in waking hours. This type of products suits you perfectly. Like the rest of the apps development with us, we have to continue to move and will force you to wake up. You can wake up to a variety of sounds, including the Weather Channel or hear something your favorite. All this in the period of dozing in the sense to wake you up gradually. The application can customize it fully there are a lot of settings you can adjust it as you want. You can adjust the alarm tones and sounds of variety, and you can adjust the development of certain premises, and in this case distinguishes the application between the work days and the other will turn off the alarm automatically in the days of the vacations.

The app is only available on Android devices at this link

Product nine: watch your health and Sleep as Android

The primary goal of the application is the follow-up to the way you sleep. Where they wake you up quietly. App like apps ex the same mechanism of action almost. There are in-app control options, solving mathematical problems, or shaking the phone vigorously. The app contains the sounds of nature, and supports the wearable devices like Google Fit and Spotify. Purchase the full version you can enjoy the application without ads and you can add a lot of voices.

The app is available for Android devices for only this link

Any app like it? Tell us in the comments?




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