Nine billionaires who own bitcoins — who are they?

Have you ever wondered what to spend their money the world’s richest people? Fortunately, among the categories of expenditure of the rich including was buying bitcoins. Moreover, several well-known personalities from the list below, made his fortune is due to early investments in the cryptocurrency. Tell about them and their savings more.

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Elon Musk

Condition: $ 40 billion.
Savings in bitcoin: 0.25 BTC.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Elon Musk

Billionaire and former “Director General” Dogecoin Elon Musk keep their savings in multiple assets. In bitcoins only a very small part of his money, although the Musk and is a known supporter of cryptocurrencies.

For the first time about their digital assets Elon spoke in 2019, but until recently he did not disclose the exact amounts.

A week ago it became known that the billionaire owns just a quarter of a bitcoin, equivalent to about 2400 dollars at the current rate. A relatively modest amount, but still nothing.

Mark Cuban

Condition: 4.3 billion dollars.
Savings in bitcoin: about $ 130.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Mark Cuban

Cuban invests and owns the basketball team the Dallas Mavericks. In April, he disclosed the magnitude of their savings in Bitcoin is just $ 130. This is not surprising, because mark has for several years criticized cryptocurrencies. A small amount of the crypts was in his possession after the Dallas Mavericks have started to sell tickets and Souvenirs for BTC. Here is his quote.

We now accept Bitcoin please purchase all you need for the cryptocurrency. I’m cool with that, right? I think for all the time we earned about $ 130 in BTC. It’s all the coins I have at the moment.

Recall that in 2019, the billionaire said that he would prefer to hold the bananas, not the crypt. Dubious decision.

Paul Tudor Jones

Condition: 5.1 billion dollars.
Savings in bitcoin: 1-2% of the investment portfolio.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Paul Tudor Jones

In may during an interview with CNBC Jones said that holds 1-2 percent of their assets in Bitcoins. According to him, investors should bet on the cryptocurrency during global crisis associated with the pandemic coronavirus. Here is a quote.

This is an excellent tool for speculation. I recently just got something, so now a little more than 1 percent of my assets in Bitcoin now. Maybe even almost 2. In my opinion, it’s a sure share of investments in the crypt now.

Brian Armstrong

Condition: 1.3 billion dollars
Savings in bitcoin: unknown

CEO Coinbase Брайан Армстронг

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Armstrong just needs to be on this list, because he is the founder of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges USA Coinbase. Recall, the company came in 2012, when the price of one bitcoin has not yet exceeded $ 10.

Unfortunately, Brian Armstrong keeps secret the exact value of their assets in cryptocurrency. One day, Fortune magazine published an article stating that the assets of a billionaire in the Ethereum supposedly less his savings in Bitcoins. However, it is not possible to draw conclusions about any numbers.

Jack Dorsey

Condition: 4.7 billion dollars.
Savings in cryptocurrency: “it is enough”.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO and Bitcoin Evangelist Jack Dorsey openly supports bitcoin for a very long time. Besides Twitter, he also owns a technology company Square, which in 2018 accepts payments in BTC.

As Armstrong Jack Dorsey did not disclose the amount of their savings in the crypt. Once on Twitter it asked how many of his coins. At this Jack gave a short answer.


Chanpen Zhao

Condition: 2.6 billion dollars.
Savings in bitcoin: a minimum of 1667 BTC.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Chanpen Zhao on the cover of Forbes

The founder of the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance Chanpen Zhao is the first person in this ranking, which holds all your assets in cryptocurrency. It is known that Zhao owns Bitcoin and Binance Coin — token private native trading platform.

By the way, the story involving Zhao in the industry of cryptocurrencies very interesting. In 2013 in Shanghai, he played poker with the founder of the exchange BTCC Bobby Lee. He advised Canino to invest at least 10 percent of their money in Bitcoin. Some time later, Zhao sold his house for a million dollars and with that money bought bitcoins at the price of $ 600 for 1 BTC. It is at least 1667 BTC.

In an interview with news publication Decrypt Chanin admitted that since then never touched these coins.

In February 2018, the state of Zhao was 1.1 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine. And although since that time the price of Bitcoin fell, Bourse Binance still brings a stable and serious income to its founder.

The Winklevoss Brothers

Condition: 1.8 billion dollars.
Savings in bitcoin: 1 percent of all bitcoins (as of April 2013).

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Did you know that the Winklevoss brothers played at the Olympic Games?

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss received the first fame after the litigation with the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg. In 2004 they claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea for the social network by creating Facebook. The trial of the case lasted more than five years, except for 2009 Winklevosses awarded compensation in the amount of $ 65 million.

45 million brothers took in the form of shares of the company of Zuckerberg and it has paid off: after Facebook’s IPO in 2012, securities was worth $ 300 million. In the same year Winklevoss took another fateful decision: they invested $ 11 million in Bitcoin. After some time the brothers founded their own cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

As of 2013, the billionaires were able to seize 1% of all bitcoins in circulation. Given that their exchange is still developing successfully, we can assume that over the years, their faith and the amount of assets in the crypt has only increased.

Tim Draper

State: $ 1 billion.
Savings in cryptocurrency: 30 thousand BTC.

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is one of those people who are a mile away feel the possibility of profitable investments. In 2014, the billionaire bought 30 thousand BTC in the auction after the closing of the infamous trade site Silk Road. Since then, Draper was increasingly friendly with the industry of cryptocurrency and continued to invest money in it.

During the recent third of halving Bitcoin Draper announced another prediction regarding the future price of the home currency.

By the beginning of 2023, I expect growth of value of Bitcoin to 250 thousand dollars. But I could not imagine that the government prints 9 trillion dollars and once again make Bitcoin more attractive to investors.

Camat Of Palihapitiya

State: $ 1 billion.
Savings in bitcoin: about 5 percent of all bitcoins in circulation (as of 2013).

миллиардеры биткоин блокчейн

Camat Of Palihapitiya

Founder of Social Capital and former CEO of Facebook Chamath of Palihapitiya invested in Bitcoin in 2013. The billionaire bought the bitcoin at a price of $ 80 per coin. Even then he stated that he owns approximately 5 percent of all coins in circulation.

Of course, Palihapitiya for a long time is a supporter of the industry of cryptocurrency. However, it is not certain that Bitcoin will replace the US dollar any time in the future. Here is his quote.

It is worth considering the volatility of the dollar — it is impossible to replace the asset the value of which varies up to nine times faster.

The billionaires on this list have something to learn — even the best investment in Bitcoin. Follow their example, buy bitcoin and join our cryptodata. And also check in Yandex Zen, it is interesting.


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