Nine Chinese companies are offering their leaves to the public on the American Stock Exchange !

Nine Chinese companies have submitted applications for initial entry into the American Stock Exchange through October

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In the shadow of the war trade department between the United States and China, still Chinese companies are scrambling to enter the American market, fill out applications IPO initial stock American.

According to لـBloomberg nine Chinese companies had submitted applications for an IPO in the United States during the month of October alone, becoming more months of the year state operations, the progress of these requests by Chinese companies.

Where the menu included company Canaan’s second-largest industry tools mining bitcoin and Guangzhou Lizhi Network Technology and Danke Apartment her platform coexistence, Chinese and Phoenix Tree Holdings, where all these companies fill out applications for the IPO in overnight.

The strange thing is that the step of the current Chinese enterprises came under the step escalation of the administration of US President Trump to write off companies in China that copy the patent of the American Stock Exchange even though they do not pose a risk to U.S. national security.

And what is surprising more in addition to the foregoing is the modest performance of Chinese companies operating in the American Stock Exchange, where 4 out of 25 companies completed the enrollment procedures listed American with good performance, in the shadow of the decline in the average yield increased by 24% for the price of the displayed arrow.

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