Nintendo announces the acceptance of entry applications for the trial version for the game Mario Kart Tour

نينتندو تُعلن عن قبول طلبات الدخول للإصدار التجريبي لـ لعبة Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo announced a “Nintendo” today announced the opening request access for the trial version for its game awaited Mario Kart Tour, after having previously announced its intention to launch the game by this in the summer of last year, but with the beginning of the new year I thought the company said that there is a delay in the hope that the official launch for all users in the summer of 2019, and this was confirmed by the company today.

As she noted, “Nintendo” to access to subscribe to the demo will be limited to Android users only, and will begin the exercises from this day until May 7 next, for any person living in the United States or Japan.

Here the person scanning the QR code on the website of the Mario Kart Tour once you open the link in phone browser, and you must click the button “see details here” at the top of the page to access the model input. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to get the game by his account at Nintendo, and if I didn’t have an account, you simply need to create an account from here.

The company explained that it planned to begin pilot testing from May 22 to June 4, with reference to these dates may be changed without prior notice, and the conditions required, is to have a device running Android 4.4 the latest “Android version 10 is not currently supported”, the memory random access “RAM” 1.5 GB at least, with the disclaimer that the data saved in the trial version will not be transferred to the official version immediately available, and will be currently purchasing operations interior, That is sending a survey to participants once the trial ends so that they can provide their feedback.

Finally, it is still not known exactly how well you play Mario Kart Tour, although it is clear that the purchases within the game will be present, if at all we hope to send the testing phase next a clearer picture of what to expect from the game.

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