Nintendo confirms that the Nintendo Switch Lite new will not replace the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch Lite -

When the company Nintendo launched a device Nintendo Switch, it seemed as if this device arrived to replace your Nintendo 3DS as it provides players the possibility to use it as a device Games mobile, new features, and new games, but explained to us by Nintendo at a later time cause she kept with Nintendo 3DS.

So with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was smaller, lighter and for more, she inquired of many persons whether the company Nintendo still want to actually keep with Nintendo 3DS. Well, the good news for players and lovers of your Nintendo 3DS is that the Japanese company is still interested in keeping this device despite the arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite. According to the president of company Nintendo in the United States of America, Mr. Doug Bowser, he has stated by saying : ” We will continue to support devices Nintendo 3DS of our own, as long as there was demand “.

It’s kind of weird to see a company Nintendo are still with Nintendo 3DS despite the fact that there wasn’t already any new models of this device lately. It is also clear that the company Nintendo turned its focus towards devices Nintendo Switch, where it announced a bunch of games, including the game Pokmeon new game for the new hardware.

However, we assume that we will have to wait and see how successful Nintendo Switch Lite before making any decisions. Priced at $ 199 USD, it is considered less expensive than a Nintendo Switch the normal which will encourage more players to embrace it.


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