Nintendo confirms they are distinct models. in the traditional gaming devices despite changes in the market towards cloud computing

Nintendo Switch

Through meeting investors to buy into Japanese, was a question the chairman of the company’s current “Furukawa” about the future and business of the company in light of changes in the world of games with the definition of technologies such as cloud computing and networks of the fifth generation.

“Furukawa” confirmed that he did not believe that the games will move to cloud computing at the current time but it will happen gradually, with the development of technology, and although a new wish to keep abreast of this technology, however, the company’s business model, the core will not change, and this model is to provide a mixture of entertainment tends to need for companies from other gear (hardware) with software built specifically for the gear. Not only this, but see the “Furukawa” that this option will increase its value also.

“Furukawa” confirmed that this option is the top priority of the company at the current time.

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