Nintendo cooperate with Tencent to issue a Switch in the Chinese market


Since the period of feel free news about the desire of the company into the Japanese version of its hybrid Switch in the Chinese market, which the company confirmed previously to its investors that it is difficult to achieve without the presence of a partner of the Chinese market.

The latest reports on the web confirm that the platform Switch has been thrown in order to get authentication from the Chinese government, and the company will Tencent giant to distribute the device in the country under the alliance between her and Nintendo. As I got to Tencent sources to distribute the game New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe already.

In the past China was banning the distribution of video game consoles within the country, this ban was lifted in 2014, a new earlier tried to enter the Chinese market with the company iQue, but the latter was unable to bring the devices into the country before it is closed to trade by the distribution devices.

Need need a partner from China to overcome the many legal in this market, and this company now is Tencent, the largest games company in the world in terms of revenues. Nintendo and Tencent cooperation, previously brought the game the Honor of Kings to the platform Switch under the name of Arena of Valor, the game’s already loaded on the platform starter.

The shares of new rose significantly after this news.


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