Nintendo is now selling the device Nintendo Switch without a docking station at a cheaper price


Device has become the newest games from the company Nintendo, and of course, your Nintendo Switch is cheaper than ever. In fact, I started the company in selling your Nintendo Switch without a docking station that allows connecting the device with TV. These are referred to as the new package name ” Switch 2nd Unit Set“, and is targeted mainly at customers who have device Nintendo Switch actually with all the accessories including a docking station and therefore do not need a base to lay the additional. Also, This package is a good choice for players who just want to use the device in the mode portable.

The company Nintendo is pricing the new package at around 24980 yen equivalent to us $ 225, which contain the unit to play two hands control Joy-Con, in addition to many other accessories. It should be noted that this new package provide you 5000 yen equivalent of $ 45 In comparison with the normal package. The company Nintendo to sell the new package in Japan only, at least at the moment.

In addition to a docking station, this new package does not also include the Joy-Con Grip Cable HDMI for obvious reasons. It does not also include the AC adapter, this will be a problem for those who do not have one already. However, they can choose to charge your Nintendo Switch using a solution for USB Type-C is traditional, but if they want a transformer, the base of the docking and would be about 88 USD. The company Nintendo after what if I start selling this new bundle outside of Japan.


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