Nintendo plans to release a new switch that supports 4K

Home gaming platforms have become the best and easiest option for everyone who has free time who would like to spend in an enjoyable activity, especially after the amazing development of video games in terms of graphics and stories, and with the advent of PS5 and Xbox Series X, it seems that the Japanese giant Nintendo has a plan as well.

Nintendo plans to launch a new version of its successful home device Switch with support for graphics at a resolution of 4K, which is not supported by the current generation of its devices, and the Switch, as we know, is a portable device, and in order to support 4K, Nintendo must greatly develop the battery capacity.

It is reported that the Nintendo Switch is also able to connect to the TV normally, and most likely the next release will support the same resolution on the TV. Switch comes with a Tegra-type processor developed by Nvidia and with only 4 GB of random memory, and these specifications will often be subject to strong modifications as well, so it may end up with a completely new version of Switch with a focus on factors other than 4K resolution.

Source: Bloomberg

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