Nintendo start manufacturing units and games “Switch” fresh out of China to avoid U.S. taxes

نينتندو تبدأ بتصنيع وحدات ألعاب "سويتش" جديدة خارج الصين لتفادي الضرائب الأمريكية

She threw a cloud of the economic war raging between the United States and China and clouded a lot of technical companies where the pace increased after the failure of the trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington, to many of those companies to reconsider the adoption of its supply chains in China or move their factories to outside of it.

It seems that Nintendo has already begun-by-step manufacturing units games a new starter in South Asia to avoid U.S. estate taxes on their products targeting the American market as the report of the Wall Street Journal.

In a modern house during the march past that Nintendo is working on my unit games switch to a new protein will target their global market and the American will be different to my specifications, first with high specifications and the price of the same on its principal organs, the second version is less specification and targeted at the middle class where it will be cheaper.

The timing of the paper to the start of the manufacturing of these units refers to the decision to launch the company for all the models, where I was supposed to use Nintendo’s E3 expo to announce the two devices, but delayed the production process led not to the emergence of them in a paragraph police on the scene of the exhibition.

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