Nintendo Switch exceeds the primary PS4 sales in the Japanese market


Despite all the efforts made by Sony development of the interactive in order to restore the Japanese market, which included the restoration of elements of style heavy like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest, except that the company need proved to be a genie of the fact in the Japanese market.

In the last week managed device Nintendo Switch in plans places on the level of sales in the Japanese market, this is in relation to the primary focus only in addition to the Mini without counting the sales of Playstation 4 Pro. According to the media of Crete has exceeded sales of starter 6.67 million units, the platen base and the Mini has reached the total sales of their to 6.54 million units. The sales floor plates in Japan with places Pro is in the range of 7.5 million units.

Nintendo Switch succeeded in this achievement through the years and just 10 months while my PlayStation the fourth fifth year in Japan, and Pat is sure that he will exceed the places full in Japan during the next few months.

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  1. Well this post definitely made me think! Thanks-I wouldn’t have seen things from that angle otherwise

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