No grass: the police messed up a mining farm with the box for growing marijuana

A RAID by police in the Australian city of Adelaide has turned into a real embarrassment. Local security forces raided the home of Rob Butila on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana. However, instead of the forbidden plants, police found only a few miningfarms equipped with ventilation system. Now Butila is preparing to file a lawsuit in court for damages his house.

The crypt instead of drugs

The police use a list of tactics for the definition and search of farms growing marijuana — infrared imaging, and tracing a suspiciously large payments for electricity and complex ventilation systems. It just so happened that cryptoform Rob Butila caused suspicion on all three parameters.

Cryptocurrency mining produces large volumes of excess heat and require constant access of cold air to the equipment. In addition, the power of Asimov or graphics cards isn’t cheap either, especially for large mining companies.

Mistaking the man for another drug dealer, the police broke into his house. Butila claims that when he returned home, his “gates, doors and fence was completely broken.” In addition, the assault team left the house open. After their “visit” from Butvery lost one hard drive and cable to the security camera were cut.

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The man took video of the damage from the penetration. In the building there really was not marijuana, in one of the rooms were only small cryptoform. Representatives of the police station leaving the note with a request to contact the local office, which has yet to apologize for the damage caused.

According to Butila, the police did not hurry to apologize for his mistakes and calls responsible for the penetration. Who will pay the cash expenses to repair the house is also unknown. Now the miner is preparing to sue in court if the case did not get development.


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