No innovation: why you really need a foldable smartphones

Have you noticed that lately the screen size of the smartphones as it has lost its former importance? I think it was around the time when 6 inches have become the standard, which now focus almost all manufacturers. As a consequence, no one else makes their claims about the unreasonableness of the increase displays, persistently looking for a compact flagship. But, when seemed to have resigned with the current state of things, appeared the Galaxy Fold, changed absolutely everything.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, the owners of the 6.5-inch smartphones looked at him with obvious contempt. In the end, who wants to endure the inconvenience that carries a foldable design for extra 0.8 inches? Unfortunately, those who expressed similar views, did not think that decisive importance in determining the usable area of the display is not only diagonal, but also the ratio of its sides.

Why foldable smartphone is good

If we consider only the diagonal, then a 7.3-inch display Galaxy Fold in the unfolded state is only 12% more than the 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max. But a live comparison of the two devices know that it is not mathematics where something failed. However, if during the computation, we start to take into account the aspect ratio of the screens, which the Galaxy Fold still 4,21:3, and iPhone XS Max – 19,5:9, we realize that was wrong.

In particular, the useful area of the display, Galaxy Fold will be of 25.2 square inches. This is a significant figure, especially when compared with the area of the screen of the iPhone XS Max, which is equal with 16.09 square inches. The increase is about 55%. It turns out that the desire of Samsung to release foldable smartphone has only indirect relevance to innovation. Paramount in this case is a question of convenience, which hardly feel those whose usage of mobile is restricted to social networks.

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