No longer can Huawei the launch of the phones support external memory microSD

Can the effects of the Prohibition of Huawei in the United States of America in the growth, where you no longer Chinese company to a member of the Association of SD, a trade group that agree to the standard specifications for memory cards SD and microSD.

In other words, is no longer allowed to buy Huawei support external memory microSD in the phones or laptops of the future, the association stressed that the process of removing a member of Huawei was due to executive order of the president of Donald Trump.

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Association of SD are not the first at all to cut the ties of Huawei, there is also Google, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM and Broadcom are among the companies that stopped working with Huawei because of the Prohibition dealing with it in America, as he is trying to Wi-Fi (which sets standards for Wi-Fi) also the “report of the temporary” membership of Huawei because of the ban, as the Huawei voluntarily leaving their membership in a group JEDEC that you select the specification of the memory random.

You may not be losing themselves SD the biggest problem for the company at the current time. As is the case with the operating systems Android and windows, the company’s development systems replacement of their own, as they have their selves Nano Memory which is smaller than our selves microSD.

Source: SD Association

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