No need to wait for the official announcement.. here’s the Galaxy Note 9 of the new

After that appeared a number of leaks that showed the Galaxy Note 9, which will be formally unveiled on the ninth of August, it seems that we finally have a high-quality image of the phone next. Said leaker Evan Blass published a clear picture appears as part of a propaganda campaign ahead for the next phone, where the photo shows the phone in blue.

Was the leaker -the famous leaking a lot of details phones Samsung – IceUniverse had during the previous days to publish the photos look like they are part of the propaganda campaign of your phone, but it wasn’t the same clarity.

Show the new image posted by Evan Blass the phone from the front and from the back, as the show S Pen and its length and design, so it seems that after looking at it you will need to learn more about the design of the Galaxy Note 9.

It is clear from the new design that the fingerprint sensor in the phone Samsung next will be under the two hind legs in the favorite place for users. It is evident from the design also to the edge of the regret may have been reduced slightly to increase the operation buttons images and button Bixby to the top, some thing about the Galaxy Note 8. Certainly the notes on the design can not be confirmed fully until that is he got on the phone himself close up and get the fuck.

Looking for pen S Pen available here in yellow the issue was designed in two shades of yellow so that the lower part differs from the upper part that features a shine. As for pen shows, we notice that it has been designed in blue to fit the color of the phone where when you put the pen inside the phone does not provide a different appearance or unacceptable.

Despite the fact that Samsung is trying to hide the details of the next Phone of the series Galaxy Note, or at least try to pretend that we already know a lot about the upcoming phone and new features the S Pen for the first time. And the pen feature Bluetooth for the first time which is expected to make the stylus more importance more than ever of the benefits was not possible to use previously in any form.

This topic does not need to wait for the official announcement.. here’s the Galaxy Note 9 of the new appeared first on say Delta technology.

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