No of trades: the stock market is still in the flat

Before the weekend the stock market was able to maintain apparent stability is a big part of the cryptocurrency did not even budge for an entire week. The industry is in place, and altcoins continue to draw horizontal channels on the charts.

Some hopes were raised by Litecoin, which was able to rise a couple of percent this week. Bitcoin bounced several times from the local resistance, but is still holding above $ 3,600. The Ethereum relatively stable and is trading above $ 120, yet can be considered a positive sign.

The flat continues

At the end of the week the most distinguished Litecoin cryptocurrency rose as much as 2.7 percent. Most likely, the local uptrend is formed on the background of the news about the integration of confidential transactions to the project. The second place in terms of profitability is EOS (1.1 percent). The rest of the coins from the top 10 of our rankings have grown on the average on 0,5-1 percent, while Sunday morning had a bit of sagging.

The second place in terms of capitalization still holds the Ethereum, but Ripple XRP comes slowly on his heels — the gap between the cryptocurrency was reduced to $ 450 million.

At the time of writing, only three alithina of the top 100 showed significant growth: Aelf, Holo and MOAC. First added to the cost of 12 percent, the second increased by 11 percent, and finally, the third rose by 9.3 percent.

Total market capitalization remains above 121 billion. For the past day it has not changed, which is the first sign of a flat. A period of low volatility could soon end, for this we only need to wait for the sharp breakthrough of one of the resistances on the chart of Bitcoin.

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Source: NewsBTC

It is noteworthy that the growth of the two largest cryptocurrency unable to prevent three factors: high volatility, long transactions, and vulnerabilities in smartcontract. To Bitcoin overcame all of these obstacles, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat.


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