Nokia 9 with 5 cameras appears without note

After the leaked image of the back of my phone Nokia 9 major working in the HMD Global, today appeared a new image reveal to us about the phone interface.

Spread the shouts of the notes in many of the smart phones through the year 2018 after its appearance in the iPhone X, where she appeared in a number of phones HMD Global also, but it seems that Nokia 9 won’t follow this formula, as it appears a page, where the call-to-width ratio of 18:9 on the screen of unknown size with the corners rounded and the parties to the upper and lower medium size, where it holds the top position all sensors with front camera and speakers add to the Nokia logo, hid, and notifications LED.

Revealed previous leaks about the advent of the phone with 5 cameras in the background, without confirmation of the function of each of them, where there will be a primary camera with a secondary camera and other multiple colors and a camera of a third monochrome to determine the level of detail in the pictures, it is said that the last two will improve the properties of the rounding and the obvious.

As was also watching the screen of the Nokia X7 the next, and unlike all of the Nokia X5 and X6, will not come this phone holder of any note, to the design of the Nokia 9.

There is no confirmed information currently on when the official launch for both the Nokia 9 and Nokia X7, but since that Nokia 9 will come with a processor Snapdragon 845, it is expected that official disclosure about the month of October or early November, where the plan of Qualcomm to reveal the Wizard Senate 855 in December.

Source: Baidu

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