Nokia advertises the function of aftertaste, but don’t even understand how it works

Some smartphones innovative features in Luggage more than the others. For example, the newest flagship of LG is able to recognize the palm of your hand using only one camera, smartphone Pixels can do incredibly vivid and sharp images in low-light, and Huawei P30 has a really impressive 10-fold zoom without loss of quality. On the other hand, there are devices with more simple and not unique functions that distinguish them from other smartphones. And here are simple functions, in our opinion, do not need to advertise, and if so itching, you first need to understand how it works.

For some inexplicable reason, known to all Nokia thought that in 2019 it would be nice to publish a promotional video, which will demonstrate the possibility of the smartphone to automatically adjust screen brightness depending on the lighting. Moreover, this idea is some nonsense, so the company still ruined the whole point of this function, for some reason, reversing its functionality is opposite.

Just a couple of hours the video was still available on the official website of Nokia in Instagram, but now to discover it there won’t be, because, apparently, Nokia has lost the traces of his small “fail”. Fortunately, one user managed to do a screen recording with a new commercial and put it in a special topic on Reddit.

In the video, which officially is no more, was a picture of a nightstand with a lamp and lying next to a Nokia smartphone. When the lamp was switched off, the brightness of the screen dramatically increased almost to the maximum. But when the lamp is lit again, the screen brightness immediately went down, that should actually work quite the opposite.

Somehow sad to see that this basic function is advertised as one of the most popular once of the brands, especially the fact that she is not showing correctly. It’s hard to say what you think Nokia at the moment, but clearly left a funny. I just hope future commercials are a little more focused on important features, and hope that their functionality will be shown correctly.

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