Nokia and HMD Global Oy forget without them knowing MWC 2020

Nokia company

Frequency earlier in the day that the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 on the verge of cancellation due to withdrawal of many technology companies and large, today joined the two companies to the list that already includes many large companies.

Each of Nokia and HMD Global Oy to send two press releases separate from Finland confirm when they decided to pull out of the Mobile World Congress MWC this year due to MERS-CoV. And these companies is that they put the health of their employees above all else. The company said HMD Global Oy to the Mobile World Congress was always a base station for the launch of new products. However, the company says that the safety of employees, customers and stakeholders is a priority of the company. Company will HMD Global Oy the adoption of a new schedule to announce any phones Nokia new, but will be detected once you finish this mess.

As for Nokia, they used the same excuses, she has to provide the employee with the organization the GSMA, which oversees the exhibition MWC stakeholders, experts and foreign affairs, but decided in the end to cancel the participation. Instead of being a part of MWC 2020, the company said Nokia they prefer ” straight to the customer with a series of events Nokia Live“, which seems like a presentation technology 5G on the internet.

Will HMD Global Oy and Nokia for a large number of other companies that have decided to turn to pull out of the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020, including Sony and TCL and Vivo, and Amazon and LG and Nvidia, as well as a lot of other companies.


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