Nokia and Samsung have agreed to 5G


To work on their popular smartphones Samsung uses patents remain an industry leader — the company Nokia. But soon there will be 5G network and preparing to run them has become all the more apparent. In the Network appeared the message, according to which a new patent agreement between Nokia and Samsung for not only smart phones but also cellular networks of new generation. After all, the interest of users to powerful modern devices is largely determined by the increasing speeds of Internet connection that provides a more comfortable work with applications and services.

Nokia has announced a new, expanded patent agreement with the market leader of smart phones Samsung. The South Korean tech giant, supplying to market of numerous the most popular mobile device Galaxy can a few years to use the company’s patents, which had previously been a leading provider of mobile phones in the world market. More new message was considered by the Ro (Ro) on the resource page

Samsung will be able to use 5G technology Nokia

The period during which the new contract is not named. However, the terms of the agreement also were not disclosed. But some details became known — the licensing agreement applies not only to phones, but the networks 5G.

Samsung is the leader of the smartphone industry and it has for many years been a licensee of Nokia. The new agreement once again shows the importance of the developments Nokia.

5G network and everything connected with them is one of the most pressing issues of our time. They find particular application in 2019. However, in the current year, as previously reported capabilities of next generation networks will be available to many users, despite the lack of on the market compatible with 5G smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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