Nokia announces a special conference phones in May 29,

نوكيا تعلن عن مؤتمر خاص بالهواتف في 29 مايو

After two weeks of detection for phone X6, the Finnish company announced the Nokia conference in May 29 of the current to talk about things related to the phones without any clarification about what it’s like.

Published the company on account of its official Twitter a photo of the trailer and for the new conference in the Russian capital Moscow, in order to talk about some of the techniques related to phones often.

According to a tweet published by the company using the hashtag #ChargedUp, it seems closer to advertise things related to batteries or chargers your phones, and may be about a new technology invented by the company.

Said object area, the CEO of HMD the brand for Nokia phones that there is more news that the companies want to share.

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