Nokia evolution of technology has doubled the battery life of your phone

Because the 5G was launched commercially, the smart phones that unfold to support the energy requirements to run such a network. As such, the researchers developed at Nokia technology new battery, has doubled the battery life of your phone without having to be heavier.

Researchers presented the patent to protect their design and start marketing it. Where through the mobilization of more energy in a smaller space, it will be the technology of new batteries a profound impact on the fifth generation, used Nokia components and designs similar to batteries today, so should not be a new technology is expensive, and this is important for any new battery technology.

However, don’t expect to reach these batteries any time soon, where he is still exposed to new technology to overcome obstacles in design, manufacturing, using carbon nanotubes what enables the electrodes to the strongest inside the battery to generate more energy, which helps to increase the amount of energy that can be stored in the card size given.

Source: Nokia

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