Nokia excels on the larger companies and the better !

So companies continue to provide the best, we will have to reap the profits appropriate for what you create, so that you can innovation and development, it seems that Nokia would dip its place, and there are reports confirming that.

نوكيا تتفوق على أكبر الشركات وتسير نحو الأفضل !

Nokia excels on the larger companies and the better !

Nokia was prior to the era of smart phones dominate the market, and sells millions of phones annually, and there is no strong competitor is not significant, but lost its place because of its inability to compete in a market rapidly evolving, until it was acquired by Microsoft for a limited time, before you its brand, and the company HMD and founded by a group of leaders of Nokia ex.

Now, thanks to the plans of Nokia to keep the development of smart phones, has been able to achieve significant sales, and thus miss out on a lot of companies that are not a big name in this market, where Nokia has achieved sales of 20.7 million, without forgetting that the company provides phone for., which in not good sales also.

According to these accounts, according to confirmed reports from the institution of Counterpoint research, Nokia has outperformed many of the companies like Sony, HTC, oneplus, as well as ASUS and others, this makes them close to entering the race ten companies first in terms of sales, but it will have a very large discount, and Chinese companies, will Nokia?

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