Nokia is planning to launch TVs smart in collaboration with Flipkart in India

نوكيا تخطط لإطلاق أجهزة تلفاز ذكية بالتعاون مع Flipkart في الهند

Plan Nokia to launch a production line for smart TVs in India during the coming period, in cooperation with the Indian giant specialized in the manufacture of electronic products and consumer Flipkart.

Where you will get TVS new brand of Nokia of the company HMD Dutch, and that this step is as a new experience for the company in the television market; the level that its partnership with Flipkart, which wished to take advantage of the Nokia branding engraved in the mind of the consumer, especially in a large market as India which is still in a strong relationship the consumer that the brand heritage.

In Don’t think this is the first time you enter the Nokia market screen they’ve had a plan to enter television. in the mid-nineties; but did not succeed then, with that can stop the success of the company in its next if they met the wishes of the Consumer, taking into account the specificity of the Indian market in the side of the consumer products technical and diversity their prices.

It is worth noting that the company OnePlus has launched her TV in the Indian market recently, and Huawei is other has revealed her TV, which means that the expansion of the well-known companies to manufacture phones the scope of her work became There are two will play an important role certainly in the service of the consumer interest in the competition.

With the opportunity to recognize an opportunity in front of the Nokia restore some luster to its brand with our new TV!; where was dominant on the world of phones for a long time before you lose him forever. with the entry of the system of landed Power who used his corporate competition in an optimal way as we see today.

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