Nokia is preparing to launch a phone of a pilot and another a perforated

Already confirmed the HMD royal brand Nokia to attend the Mobile World Congress already, which accompanied the rumors about the launch of Nokia phone 9, which is long overdue.

As for the new, it featured photos of posters call Nokia to a special event will be held ahead of Mobile World Congress, namely on 24 February, while the start conference February 25 and continue until February 28.

Through the pictures, thinks that we’ll see Nokia 9, the flagship with five cameras, which will be the most powerful phones of the company since its return to the smartphone market under the management of the HMD world.

This will be another phone to the lineup of the medium category, it seems from the pictures that it will screen the flukes.

Through the previous leaks, we didn’t hear only about the two phones Nokia think screen flukes: Nokia 6.2 Nokia 8.1 plus.

Benefit source that will give him a HMD soon is the Nokia 6.2, the successor of the Nokia 6.1 The Advertiser in April 2018.

He added that Nokia 6.2 screen 6.2 inch display, processor Snapdragon 632 with 4 or 6 gigabytes of RAM, and a camera background of the double partnership with Carl Zeiss.

As with any leaks, you should wait for the official announcement between 24 to 28 February so make sure of the identity of the two phones and.

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