Nokia is working on a new phone Android Go

If you don’t know what Android forces it is a watered down version of the Android system released by Google last year and targeted directly to phones low price and specifications where comes this version of the system with application pack of the diluted too for maps, YouTube and Google Play and others .

Return the title of the news, the company Nokia is planning to launch a lot of phones this year between the phones are the leading medium and low specifications, the company strives to provide a variety of various rates and satisfy all tastes .

Within these phones appeared today leaks for the new phone carries the name of Nokia 1 will be the first phones company Android system forces ad hoc for phones low-cost and specifications where the phone will display 720p with a processor Snapdragon from the category 400 and the memory won’t go beyond 8GB with 1GB RAM .

Expected to be revealed about this phone and phones another in Barcelona next year.



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