Nokia N9 is preparing an updated 2020

Nokia was once the biggest player in the market. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Design the phones involved in the Chinese HDM Global, whereas Nokia has only the name and team, a component of a large part of the HMD. Earlier Nokia released the “bananaphone” — updated Nokia 8110 with 4G on Kai OS. The smartphone has become a kind of return to the past. The company is thus trying to get the attention of fans of the old Finnish devices. Nostalgia is an important thing, and Nokia understands that it is possible to make good sales. And that is why in the future the company may submit an updated Nokia N9 2020 5G. In our hands we got the renders of the phone that we are willing to share. By the way, this year Nokia will introduce a foldable smartphone.

Nokia N9 is preparing an updated 2020

As you know, an updated version of the Nokia N9 will be called Nokia N9 2020. If you evaluate the render device, it is possible to notice the presence of two cameras (in the original N9 was only one camera). You can also notice the presence of the screen Always On Display. This implies the use of the device, OLED display.

According to the source phone.cnmo, the design of the device did the designer Antoni Andreas.

I new N9 2020 very much like it. The original unit came on the market back in 2011 and worked on the MeeGo operating system, equipped with AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 3.9 inches and a resolution of 480×854, a single-core processor TI OMAP processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 16 or 64 GB of internal memory, 8-Megapixel camera and a battery at 1450 mAh. For its time it was very stylish and unusual gadget. He proposed the original operating system. Below are the video review of the device:

Due to his appearance and operating system the phone has attracted the attention even against Android competitors.

It would be nice if the N9 got an updated operating system with a new generation of gesture control and the new structure of interface elements. Of course, the company is unlikely to surprise us with this and present a phone to pure Android, but I still hope for something more than just a phone that looks similar to the N9.

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Original N9 had a fairly thick body with a width of 12.1 mm. In the case of an updated we are dealing with a very thin solution. In N9 was used quite unusual for that time unibody-case, the updated N9, of course, this feature is preserved, but today it produces is not as “wow”-effect.

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Very pleased that in N9 lower and upper part of the flat and allow you to put the unit on a flat surface. Overall N9 2020 is quite logical sequel, which looks both stylish and at the same time like the original model.

I wonder what they think about our readers. Do you think that the device looks good? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget about our chat in Telegram.

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