Nokia plans to launch its leading smartphone at a high price

نوكيا تُخطّط لإطلاق هاتف ذكي رائد بسعر مُرتفع

If you ask any follow-up for about the advantages of Nokia smartphones, the answer will be structured around 3 Key Points are the adoption of version Android raw speed of arrival of updates, good price.

Managed company HDM Global – Royal brand Nokia business – break into the smartphone market in the world, and was able phones from the category of low and medium achieving very good sales and competition, but they pulled the rug from under the feet of the other companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC.

After I revealed my phone Nokia 8 andNokia 8 serpico, it seems that HDM is planning to launch the best smart phones, leading in later this year. The information is most interesting here is that phone Nokia 9 expected – or whatever his name is – will be available for an amount of up to a thousand USD, which means that it will be much more expensive comparing phone Nokia 8, which was available when it was launched at a price of $ 700.

To justify the expected price of the upcoming phone will have a number of improvements and techniques that we haven’t seen her in any of the Nokia phones so far, it comes with several cameras background of the latest processors Snapdragon to the side of the RAM and budget with high.

Be sure that the HDM will continue to issue the smart phones of the categories low, medium, however, it began to launch phones the leader and targeting a broader segment of users.

Do you think that a phone from Nokia at this price to rival flagship smartphones like the Galaxy series s and pic sender etc? Share your opinion in the comments

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