Nokia told how to increase the battery life in half and not make the smartphone more

Nokia Bell Labs, a subsidiary of Nokia, has teamed up with the Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research (AMBER) to offer the modern world a new formula for the composition of batteries to increase the battery life without increasing the size of the actual item.

The event, which was held in Trinity College Dublin, two research organizations announced that their innovative design allows to increase the battery life of the battery 2.5 times compared to other solutions on the market.

Nokia claims that its batteries can be installed not only in smartphones

Given that the world is now preparing for 5G, the battery life will become an increasingly important aspect of modern mobile gadgets. In the recent past has not been significant breakthroughs in this area, but it seems that Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER finally solved the complex puzzle in time to the emergence of wireless networks of the next generation. In addition, it is expected that 5G will provide a new era of the Internet of things (IoT), this means that gadgets will increasingly connect to both the wired and wireless networks, which will make the battery life even more important caveat.

The nicest thing about new technology is that it will increase the battery life of phones more than twice without making them heavier and more. As said Paul king (Paul King) from Nokia Bell Labs, the imprisonment of more energy in a smaller space will have a huge impact on 5G.

The researchers have filed a patent for its new development, and soon it can be licensed for commercial use. However, a Nokia representative said that the company has no specific time frame. Therefore, it is difficult to predict when we will see technology in the flesh.

In recent years, smartphones have evolved from the usual dialer in a sort of minicomputers, replacing many other devices such as cameras and, to some extent, even laptops. However, so far in the direction of the batteries is almost no progress was observed. Most manufacturers instead focused on solutions for fast charging, allowing users to replenish the batteries of their gadgets in a shorter time.

Most smartphones on the market equipped with a lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, but they have a shorter lifespan because of limited recharge cycles and problems with overheating.

The company StoreDot working on a battery that can fully charge in 5 minutes

Recently, Israeli company StoreDot has promised already in the second half of next year to produce batteries for smartphones that can be fully charged in just five minutes. The company creates a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, which do not use graphite. In fact, graphite is not a good choice for devices with fast charging. Instead, StoreDot will use germanium, silicon and tin and iron compounds, which, it is claimed, is the best solution for faster charging Li-ion batteries.

In the near future we can also expect that other companies announce their own development in this area and will start a new era of development of the battery industry. It can also encourage manufacturers of mobile devices to release a truly compact smartphones, as one of the reasons why the market lacks small mobile devices is the lack of progress in the field of battery technology.

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