Nokia want to launch a phone that supports 5G at an affordable price

نوكيا 5GNokia 5G

With the start of the revolutionary phones that support connect to 5G this year was released a lot of phones at prices up to $ 1000 and more, but the company HMD brand owner Nokia want to change this.

Statements of new media for Juho Sarvikas one of the senior officials in the HMD, the company Nokia will launch new phone named connect to 5G next year 2020.

According to the source, Nokia wants to provide phone 5G at a lower price than the rates currently in circulation worth up to half this means that we probably talk on the phone at the price of 500 to 600 dollars max.

Mr. Juho Sarvikas did not give any further details but confirmed that Nokia Corporation believes that it has opportunities at the launch of the phone 5G at an affordable price so as to reach a larger segment of consumers.

Often we’ll see this phone is powered by a Qualcomm processor and will be unveiled probably at the World Conference phones MWC 2020 which will be held in Barcelona next February and this is the best place to be Nokia about your grandparents as you did in the previous two years.


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