Nokia will launch TVs smart in India in collaboration with Flipkart

Company Flipkart India has already launched TVs smart development which came under the name MarQ this hardware was already good to a large extent, but it seems that Flipkart intends to take the subject more seriously in collaboration with tech companies, huge and on top Nokia.

Started her chose in action jointly with Nokia in the development of devices smart TV to be launched for the Indian market this while Flipkart is who will take over the manufacturing process and not Nokia will be the device made in India fully.

The most important features of smart TVs coming from Nokia, in collaboration with Flipkart – is that they will sound system operations of the development company JBL rich from the definition which shows us that the new devices will perform excellent in terms of acoustics, however, we even now don’t know a lot of information about the device in terms of specifications.

What do you think? Do you think that these devices will remain out of the market of India? We shared right now.

Source: Beebom

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