Nokia will reveal the new phones next week

The company began HMD owners of the brand Nokia in the distribution of invitations to an event will the company next week and specifically on June 6 in the city of Milan Italian so after days of media are on the event held in India the same day.

Even now I don’t know the about Nokia, but according to the latest leaks, there are more and more phones available where I reveal the company of phones such as Nokia x71 series, which was launched in the Chinese market almost a month ago.

Also expected to be there to attend to the phones such as Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 5.2 all class available that come with specifications meeting and accessible to everyone.

In the last few days have been see some specifications of Nokia phone 6.2 which will be the screen size 6.2 inch will be the processor Snapdragon 632 with 4GB RAM and 64GB memory storage.

Other devices won’t stray too far from this and I don’t know how long you will use the Nokia in this policy.


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