North Korea launches her smart phone with apps certified from the state

Revealed North Korea on the latest achievements in the technology of smart phones over its launch for its smart labeled (Pyongyang 2425), which works by using the applications supported by the government only, and is not able to connect to a Wi-Fi external wireless.

And North Korea’s technology of smart phones for almost five years as part of plans to update and has already issued three brands of smart phones produced locally and available for purchase, namely: Arirang (Arirang); the gene (Jindallae); and Pyongyang (Pyongyang).

The phone has all the features of the iPhone ordinary, such as facial recognition technology; and wireless; and the octa core processor, but it works on the wireless network is National in North Korea named (Mirae), a network owned by the state provide content on many of the government only.

It is not possible on the phone connect to any WiFi network or connection to a foreigner, and users can open the pictures and ringtones that come with the phone as standard.

In spite of the insistence of North Korea to adhere to the philosophy of self-government relying on the same, but it seems that the phone factory in China, according to his number sequence.

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And news service, South Korean (daily The Cupcake Daily NK) that they got one of these phones, I discovered that a factory in overseas, it is likely that North Korea had imported as a finished product and then added the required amendments.

The government of the Republic of Korea, Democratic People’s images of the device know the weather application, in addition to apps for learning Chinese and English encyclopedia supported by the government.

As the phone also has a library app allows citizens access to a range of literary works and ideology of North Korea.

Given the lack of internet in the country, not the North Koreans in the previous download apps, and had to go to the stores to install them.

According to Statistics, South Korean, the number of phone users in North Korea 3.8 million in 2017, approximately 15 percent of the country’s population.

The phone comes at a time hinted in which North Korea that it is planning to start the update serious research, so in the wake of the state visit of Chinese President, Xi Jinping Xi Jinping to the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

The leader of North Korea President of the Korean Workers ‘ Party, Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong Un, that may open the economic structure of the socialist centrally planned to foreign investment, similar to the Chinese model.

During the mandate, Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong Un, as the leader of North Korea focused on special economic zones in Rason (SEZ), which allowed foreign capital to work.

While smart phones make life more convenient for many North Koreans, the government in Pyongyang does not allow contact with the outside world, and the system includes the extent of people’s access to information “unhealthy” may threaten the ruling family.

And some residents who live near the Chinese border have access to the internet via the wireless network to the Chinese, but it involves a big risk, where a person is faced listening to the radio “enemy” or access information from outside the country prison sentence of five years with hard labor.

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