NOT a top for your money — as MI10 dispelled the aura of nobility Xiaomi

In interesting time we live in. Let it be a little dark because of all that happens around, but it’s still interesting. Manufacturers offer new technical solutions for us every day, and we would tell them they should do. They don’t always listen to us, but we have against them one weapon — the market economy. Many of us, and manufacturers have competitors in their best interest to make sure that we are interested in their product. In General, they try, but the price is what we required from the manufacturer. Of course, to make a modern gadget is expensive, but there is a feeling that some manufacturers at all do not see the shores and just do what they want. Especially when competitors also began to play.

Still want to buy it?

A lot of this year was the controversy over the price the OnePlus. In comments and in our Telegram chat was a lot of opinions about what we should ought to this smartphone and it is normally money. That may be so, but even then it is necessary to throw off an aura of nobility and to stop, if not openly, to talk about the fact that you work almost at a loss. Instead, the company at least continues to keep this image out of inertia. You can also say: ”Thank you for helping us out. For that you use cheap smartphones for several years, but now it will be like at all”.

In the end, the new product stands as the Samsung Galaxy S20that does not quite fit into the usual understanding about devices OnePlus. It’s even worth it at twice the price of the new iPhone and no matter what that thick frame and only one camera. It’s an iPhone, which everyone is always complaining that he goes too far with the price.

I am so disappointed in Xiaomi , for example, a single smartphone

Recently we introduced a new Honor Pro 30+. I already had them to use and made of him his impression. In a nutshell, it is the smartphone that recently has really caused me concern. And it is only a sub-brand of Huawei, and the Honor Pro 30+ should be similar to Huawei P40 Pro, but I liked it significantly more than the older brother. Even in this case, I still think that the price of 54 990 rubles too high. Especially without Google services. You can buy last year’s flagship Huawei P30 Pro, which will last more than a few years, 40 000 rubles with the discount. That’s a steep price in today’s reality (and not only global).

And here we were shown a new Xiaomi Mi10. He has all the flagship features and it gives you the ability to shoot videos in 8K, but do you have someone? Watch this video anywhere. It can be used for mounting, but with the purpose the vast majority of fans is enough for 4K. Most interesting is that the smartphone even have a screen frequency of 120 Hz. Maybe she did not really need, but it would be at least some justification for the current pricing policy.

This price is not “Action!”, a “Stope!”

In the end, the novelty in Russia will cost 69 990 rubles. And it’s still ”top for the money”? I think someone just crossed the line that should not have to move. Where halo reach Xiaomi to the people? When he left Mi6, he was really ripped and was worth by today’s standards is cheap, but 70K is already in any gate. And do not say that this is all because of the dollar and the currency the price is not that big.

Yes, a three-digit number mathematically not as intimidating as a five-digit, but it’s still a lot. And for the average American or European to spend almost a thousand dollars on a smartphone still need to be addressed. For him it’s too expensive. Even in China the price is lower, but the rest of the world it will be comparable to ours. Apparently, the fact that the General Director of Xiaomi using an iPhone, leaves its mark.

Here is another Donatello the fact that it is not necessary to buy top-end smartphones Xiaomi

Again, I want to remember iPhone. Lately Apple has chosen the right path. Got an iPhone 11 that is expensive, but less tolerant, and there is a Pro version that offers more but also costs a few hundred dollars more. For all fans that are iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is even more expensive.

Samsung also did the right thing and released the Galaxy S20 in different versions, ranging from the usual for 79 990 rubles to version Ultra, which the price of ultra — 109 990 rubles.

Manufacturers are already, even with the design of the ads do not bother.

In these smartphones at least have the choice of what to buy, and they don’t tell the buyer that the new product costs so much, and if you don’t, then go with last year’s model. If you release the device on the verge of technological progress, make versions with a big difference in price, but one ideology. In the end, people will be able to purchase the Lite version in two times cheaper than the Pro version, but get a modern smartphone. With this approach, you can have the limited version to do and ask for them any money. In this case, the question will be no.

You will object that you can buy with shipping from China or from ”serovatov”. Yeah, so it turns out cheaper but we are talking about the global market. If the company puts a price tag on peace, so it is somewhat justified. If not, and it is only the desire to make money, then everything said above about the fact that the company is just [wrong] once again confirmed.

L — hypocrisy. The CEO of Xiaomi has an iPhone, but hiding it

This is especially significant in light of the fact that you can buy last year’s flagship or just a little more than a cheap modern smartphone, which will work almost the same, but cost up to two times cheaper. Because of all this, it seems that the company previously carefully set the price in the pursuit of first Apple and then Samsung, but now have nothing to hesitate by the principle ”and so will buy.” It turns out that the concept of ”flagship killer” and ”the flagship for half the price” has sunk into oblivion? So it would seem.

Well, at least the camera is not in the block like Samsung and Huawei.

Unnecessary features of your smartphone

And yet it is unclear why manufacturers (OnePlus, Xiaomi and some others) doing separate sensor for macro photography? Moreover, with a resolution of only 2 MP. Not ashamed to offer specs smartphone for 69 990 rubles, which even has a combination of letters and numbers like ”2 Megapixel”? Can’t do more, so do not disgrace.

What 2 MP? You are talking about?

Moreover, even technically, it is not necessary, since you have such a cool and precise sensor with high resolution, where each pixel is seen. Krupnov picture with maximum resolution up to 2 MP, you can get a much better analogue of the macro — snails have any eyes to see you. Although, okay, that’s a topic for a separate discussion.

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