Not alone : the application WhatsApp for Android drains phone battery

لست وحدك : تطبيق واتس آب للاندرويد يستنزف بطارية الهاتفnot alone : WhatsApp Android drains phone battery

If you noticed during the last period that your phone battery the Android smartphone is based on the detention rates faster than usual, probably the reason is the issue the application of Watts August last on the Google Play Store, which carries a number 2.19.325.

Revealed a number of reports that this problem appeared on a large number of phones that the owners upgrade the version of WhatsApp to version mentioned, especially for OnePlus, though some of the phones other have been affected, including the phones Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.

The reason is still unknown, but some reports confirmed that return to Friends Arena from WhatsApp end the problem, while stressing the mission to delete the app and re-install it until the issue defective the also solve the problem.

Maybe share urgent update for the end of this problem.

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