“Not detectable” in NASA admitted that we are blind to the signs of alien technology

In recent months, several leading astrophysicists from NASA and Harvard have suggested that aliens are a figment of science fiction: the developed and the ancient technological civilization may exist but are beyond our comprehension or detection ability. Silvano P. Colombano Research center. Ames NASA suggests that we may miss the signal during the search for UFOs.

“Our form of life and intelligence,” says Colombano, “can be only a tiny first step in an ongoing evolution, which may lead to the emergence of forms of intelligence far superior to ours and not carbon-based “mechanisms”.

Why can’t we find aliens?

Similarly, the Director of the Astrobiology center at Columbia University Caleb Scarf suggests that alien life may be so advanced that will be indistinguishable from physics. At the same time, AVI Loeb from Harvard suggests that the first known interstellar visitor to our Solar system — Omului — could be a probe sent to space conquering civilization, and that the scientific community must be ready to recognize and accept uncertainty.

After just 50 years of evolution of computers we are already talking about “superintelligence” and quickly becomes a symbiote with the power, says Colombano, and adds: “I don’t want to deal with the question of survival of our species or its future roles in the ongoing millions of years of evolution. I just want to point to the fact that the intelligence that we might find and who might find us (if they haven’t already done so), could not be born carbon life forms like us.”

“Although still a reasonable and conservative to assume that life most likely appeared in conditions similar to ours, the enormous temporal variability in potential changes makes the probability of “match” of technologies is very low,” says Colombano.

The article 2018, calling for a more aggressive search for advanced extraterrestrial life, Colombano argues that we miss alien life, not carbon-based like earth.

Colombano also argues that there are certain aspects of UFO sightings that can’t explain. In his article published SETI, he notices that some of the signals in the search for UFOs we could skip.

“We must consider the phenomenon of UFOs as a subject to study in the context of systems with a very low ratio of signal to noise, however not discarding the possibility of challenging some of our assumptions. In a huge amount of “noise” in the UFO reports can be “signals”, though small, but indicate a number of phenomena that you cannot explain or deny,” he says. The appearance of a UFO is often considered unlikely because of maloveroyatno interstellar travel, no aliens had to master this technique.

Scarf notes that Arthur C. Clarke had suggested that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. “If you give a bunch of Paleolithic farmers iPhones and sneakers, you are definitely a magician. But farmers still recognize you as his and will eventually begin to do a selfie. But what if life has evolved to such an extent that it became like not magic, but physics?”.

If the universe hides in another life, and if part of that life evolved beyond our own waypoints of complexity and technology, a Scarf invites us to consider some extreme possibilities.

As example, AVI Loeb from Harvard, who says that the aliens are quite real: “I think aliens are not as speculative, like dark matter and extra dimensions. I think the opposite.”

Loeb also adds that “to remove aliens from the accounts is a crime. Because if you look at the history of science, you know that Galileo Galilei claimed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and for this was imprisoned. The facts is, of course, has not changed. The earth moves around the Sun no matter what the Church says. The fact that Galileo suffered for his statements, is irrelevant to nature.”

“Even if the speed of light is an insurmountable barrier for thousands of years of civilization probably would have mastered interstellar travel,” says Colombano. “I think we need to rethink even the most careful of our assumptions”.

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