Not working audio Jack on your smartphone? Here are 4 ways how to fix it yourself

More and more smartphone manufacturers are beginning to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack in favor of Bluetoothtechnology. Without a doubt, in recent years, wireless ears pretty much have grown in quality and dropped in price. We even told you about the most interesting instances. However, not every user is willing to give up your favorite wired headphones. In this case the socket for them is not rarely fails. But if it happened, do not hurry to run to the shop. Quite possibly, you’ll be able to cope on their own.

It is worth mentioning that no special skills to dismantle their smartphones and “climb inside” is not worth it. The following ways and not assume. If they will not save — it is better to consult specialists.

The problem is really the connector?

Do not rush to write an angry comment, but often the problem may lie in the headphones. And in the most different components from the membrane to the wire and plug for the connection. The easiest way in this case is to test your headphones on any other device with a 3.5 mm Jack and connect any other “ears” to your phone. Yes, it might sound like advice from Captain Obvious, but the author of these lines in the summer of 2018 had this exact problem and the culprit was not a smartphone (as it seemed initially), and headphones.

Clean the headphone port

You’d be surprised how much dirt accumulates in a 3.5 mm connector (and pile up in the charging port). To clean them is very simple — with a conventional toothpick. But you need to be careful not to use sewing needles, paperclips and other metal objects as they can cause a short circuit and then no repair is necessary. However, there is a better way — compressed air. He, unlike mechanical cleaning will “blow away” even the smallest dust particles. You can also clean contacts with alcohol to improve the work and removing the oxidized layer.

Disable Bluetooth

Sounds strange? Not really. The fact is that sometimes there is a problem when a Bluetooth device “intercept” the audio signal. And because of this bug (even if not connected to a Bluetooth audio device), aulia signal is not routed where you want it. If the problem disappeared after turning off Bluetooth, just delete all devices from the list and perform the pairing again.

Use the app SoundAbout

The problem with the headphone Jack can sometimes also be caused by software failure, not directly related equipment. To solve such problems there are 2 ways to reinstall the OS (which will agree, very, very comfortable) or install SoundAbout. It has a lot of options for finding and Troubleshooting both wired and wireless headsets, and even microphones. So in critical situations it can help out.

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