Note 10 coming a “huge”

During the past years, adopted the strategy of Samsung to make 3 phones a leader annually between the two models of Galaxy S and one as the Galaxy Note, which is what we expect to change to become the 5 models in the year 2019 next as recent leaks, has revealed to us the expense of Ice Universe now famous for the size of the screen of all of them, including Note 10 the bottom.

We first start reviewing the screen size of the Note 10 due to the fact that it will be the largest led by 6.75-inch, to be the biggest bit of Note 9 Current though the limbs slim too, as it will be huge compared to the Galaxy +S9.

Or Galaxy S10 supporting networks fifth generation (5G), it is expected to carry a screen size of 6.66 inches, in addition to phones Galaxy +S10 the S10 standard with a screen size of 6.44 inch and 6.The 11 inch.

And series Galaxy S10 with the lite version is cheaper, which it is said that it will come with a screen, 5.75 inch, What is very small by today’s standards.

This is expected to show the series phones Galaxy S10 for the first time officially on February 20 next, but we’ll have to wait until next August probably to see Note 10 new.

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