Note 9 has been in the hands of users now !

Whenever he announced the telephone pioneer attracts the attention of people to it, quickly see a phone emulator of the Chinese companies often, what works in the tradition of the original phone a very high accuracy.

But in our case, is not imitation with high accuracy, but if the phone is already phone original to the market.

It has emerged the tradition of the Galaxy Note 9-Color the three main notes 9 According to the leaks, the black, blue and gray, it was the tradition of the interface Samsung Experience the Samsung devices operating even almost match the ones running the Note 8.

From the pictures, we find the Parties to the small screen, but it looks like the thickness of the phone too wide compared to the mess Note 8, as the screen looks curved lower curvature much too.

However, what we see before us the tradition of what it called leaks Note 9 degree very good, let alone after the launch of Note 9 officially !

Recall that the Samsung set 9 August as the date of the event the official launch of the Note 9 in New York City.

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