Notifications color-coded odd up to the number of Twitter users

إشعارات مرمزة غريبة تصل لعدد من مستخدمي تويتر

A number of users of the social media platform Twitter yesterday, Tuesday, a number of weird text, which consists of a series of digital symbols and the points of a sudden, Where did many of them show pics of those texts through their accounts.

Featured this symbols and encrypted messages when users click to see the notifications in the natural but it was then like code secret from the days of the World War, not only on the ordinary has resigned the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey notifications similar and he showed it on his account entitled days that they are in working to solve this problem.

Where a few minutes later the chirp Dorsey that the problem should be solved now adding they were working to understand why this happened, and in a tweet the other explained that the reason behind these notifications according to the interpretation of the team; she came by to send Twitter messages not visible (step standard) the purpose of its examination of the unread messages and promotional messages but for some reason it appeared to work for a while but returned to normal quickly.

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