Now application Samsung DeX is available to users of Windows devices and Mac

Users can now Windows devices and Mac devices benefit from the advantages of the Samsung DeX, which allows management applications Andre-installed on Samsung phones Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus through computers.

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Lets application Samsung DeX contact both the phones Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus computers, to transfer and manage phone apps on the desktop in the computers.

The platform came the DeX to support the work and conjugations companies with Samsung phones and Samsung tablets to the old, while the application supports Samsung DeX conversion computers that are running Windows or Mac to screens dedicated to experience DeX, the also the app comes free for the users.

It is estimated that the application supports Samsung DeX pairing with Windows running Windows 7, or Windows 10, to by the Mac devices that run versions higher than Mac 10.13.

Also users can through the application of Samsung DeX running games installed on the phone on the screen of the computers, or use the files occupied on the phone.

On the other hand, needs application Samsung DeX to the presence of FARC and a keyboard to support the user in control, tools are not available in the screens independent, so will call application to Samsung DeX computers users better.

Recall that a lot of apps have been updated to work more effectively with the application of Samsung DeX, comes from Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Remote, coupled with the application of YouTube, and the Twitch and also apply Adobe Premiere Rush, as work the Samsung DeX on cell phones Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 10 Plus only.


I know of

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